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The Audio Blog

Tips, tricks and fun for the recording musician

The Audio Blog is a set of thoughts, techniques, knowledge bits and the occasional rant about the wonderful world of audio and music recording. Follow me on the path to great sounding music, never a boring moment!

Listen, don't look!

A short post today about something very simple, but sometimes overlooked. The prevalence of DAWs, plugin effects and digital recording...

What is mastering?

There's few subjects that seem to provoke as much confusion and misunderstanding as mastering - and this post is about shedding a little...

Master that stream!

It's no news that most music listening nowadays happens via streaming sites, and applications like Spotify, Apple Music etc, as opposite...

No pain, no gain!

A quick post today on something not particularly difficult or esoteric - but which seems to be a source of confusion to more than a few,...

A good sounding room!

In my first post I talked a little on how - after performance and arrangement - the physical space where you record (the "recording...


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